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Blast rooms are most versatile for compressed air assisted blast cleaning of all intricate shapes and sizes of components. The rooms are custom built to suit specific requirements of the customer and are environment friendly.

A blast room consists of the following accessories:

1. Enclosure
The enclosure can be either a sheet steel or masonry with provision of fresh air inlet for proper ventilation of the blasting area.

2. Ventilation and Dust Extraction
The dust collection system is an integral and essential part of the blast room. This provides proper ventilation and visibility in the blast room. Properly sized dust extractor added with fresh air louvers and extraction hood is very important to avoid any breakdown of the blast cleaning process.

3. Abrasive Recovery and Recycling
Recovery and recycling of the spent abrasive can be full floor recovery, semi-automatic or manual depending on production requirement and budget allocation. Full floor recovery and recycling is highly recommended for steel grit abrasive and uninterrupted productivity. Semi-automatic recovery can be opted for small production rooms. Manual removal is advised only where the production requirement is very low. Steel plate flooring is advantageous in case of semi-automatic or manual recovery system to avoid erosion of the floor and contamination of abrasive.

4. Illumination
Adequate illumination for inspecting the ongoing blast cleaning is equally essential.

5. Protection
Protection to enclosure walls is advised in case of steel grit abrasive is used for blast cleaning.

6. Job Handling Arrangement
Job handling arrangement can be supplied if required by the user. The size of the room depends on the job sizes being blast cleaned in the facility.

Dust Extraction & Collection: Necessity And Function

Whilst playing a significant role in the efficiency of a blast cleaning plant, dust extraction is one of the most neglected features. Good operating conditions for the operator in a blast chamber is essential and equally so is the dust removal and separation of abrasive in a blast plant.

Lot of dust is generated during blast cleaning process due to removal of the scaling, rust etc of the metal being cleaned and disintegration of the blasting media. This leads to air pollution as well as low visibility for the blaster. The air born dust also tends to settle on the cleaned surfaces defeating the process. A Dust Extractor is employed to extract the air born dust from the blast room. But only extraction of the dust from the room will still pollute the surrounding atmosphere hence it is necessary to arrest the extracted dust for safe disposal.