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Bulk Blast Equipment

This Equipment’s are commonly used in high production environments.

When it comes to large jobs which require multiple operators blasting in dependently at a time, Bulk Blasting option proves to be very efficient and economical in terms of reduction in downtime and for high productivity. Bulk blast machine is a skid mounted, electrically or pneumatically controlled, multiple outlet bulk blasting pot suitable for large & continuous blasting.

  • Available in Different capacities of 1700 Ltr, 3500 Ltr, 4000 Ltr, 4500 Ltr.
  • Can be customized according to customer requirement.
  • Improves production time as the machines is not stopped
  1. Blast Cabinet

Redemaco offers a full range of Standard and customized Blast Cabinets. The bright LED lighting and high performance dust collection system fitted to these models ensures maximum internal visibility, which is the key to obtaining first class results.We offer suction blast cabinet and direct high pressure blast cabinet as per user application.