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Mobile Dust Collection Unit

Dust extraction units offer easy to move and quickly installed possibilities to contain dust and other pollution to the actual blasting area. Automatic cleaning of the filter cartridges result in a minimum pressure drop and a constant extraction capacity.

Vacuum Media recovery systems

An extremely powerful vacuum unit for the collection of blasting grit and other granulated material. The combination of high vacuum and high airflow make material transport over long distance possible. Compact design, built on a frame with the possibility of transportation by forklift. Equipped with grit and dust separator. The clean grit is collected in a silo and can be re-used. The dust is trapped in a high efficient filter and discharged into a dustbin.

Mobile Grit Recovery System

Mobile grit recovery module is the most useful unit for recovery and recycling the spent abrasive on open sites or at blast room. The unit is designed and manufactured for transporting it at any location without dismantling the same. The mobile unit is complete with manual feed hopper, dust collector and cleaning cascade ready for use on sitePitless Full floor Recovery system for Blast Room

The used abrasive on the floor will be manually swept and loaded in the hopper provided to feed the same to the Grit Recovery System. This abrasive is then transferred to the double deck vibrating screen. A horizontal slide gate has been provided at the bottom of the feed hopper for controlling the feed rate to the vibratory screen. The abrasive gets screened through the coarser wire mesh separating the large size particles mixed with the abrasive allowing the abrasive and smaller sized particles to fall on the second wire mesh. The second wire mesh retains the required size of abrasives that is discharged from the middle discharge chute and is stored in a bag or storage silo. The anti blending attachment prevents the wire mesh from getting choked by the smaller or exact size of particles that of wire mesh. The finer size of abrasive passes through the second screen and then discharged through the refuse pipe to the ground. During the vibratory action the flying dust is sucked through the suction hosewhich is connected to the dust collector. The air suction pipe from the vibratory deck is connected to the dust collector. The dust collector filters are cleaned by reverse pulse jet system during working of the dust collector. A common Control Panel provides for sequential starting of the system and incorporates the necessary MCBs, indicating lamps, etc The unit can be transported anywhere and need 3 Phase and neutral electric connection and compressed air supply for operating.The dust separated during recycling operation is conveyed to the dustcollector through interconnecting ducts between the vibratory deck and dust extraction unit. The dust is trapped in cartridge filter and reasonably clean air is discharged to atmosphere through the blower outlet. All the fines are transferred to the refuse from the bottom discharge chute of the vibratory deck.